Ambassador Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Thanks for being a part of The Countermeasure Ambassador program!

We created this program and designed a bunch of cool swag to help spread the word about The Countermeasure and reward you for sending us new folks who may be interested in subscribing.

A few quick terms on the program so we’re all clear:

1. Please just refer real people who are not you or bots. Don’t make a bunch of gmails and submit them and then sit by the door waiting for a hoodie. If we spot suspicious looking referrals, we flag them and we won’t be sending you any goodies, so please make sure your referrals are legit.

2. If you live in a country where getting swag for referring people to an email newsletter is somehow illegal or not cool, we won’t be able to send you stuff. That’s just how life goes sometimes.

3. The Countermeasure swag has no cash value. We’re not going to send you cash or gift cards instead of swag.

4. We ship swag out to those who qualify once a month. The elves just can’t work any faster.

5. If you need to get in touch with us regarding your rewards, you can always email prizes at actualtechmedia dot com

6. Everything to do with our Ambassador referral program is governed by our privacy policy, you find that here.

7. To send you your stuff we’ll need your shipping address, so don’t be surprised if we ask for that during the fulfillment process.

8. International orders need to pay for shipping.

9. Allow 4-6 weeks for shipping and delivery.

That’s it for now, we’ll update this whenever we need to and we reserve that right.

Thanks for being a subscriber!

The team at ActualTech Media