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Once upon a time….

At ActualTech Media, we focus on analyzing, hosting events about and writing about enterprise IT infrastructure and the data center.

One thing we noticed when reading about security developments and news is that there is often very little said about how these things will impact the enterprise infrastructure. It’s kind of left up to the IT professional to figure out what this news means and what he or she should actually DO about it.

So the idea came to us: let’s partner up with enterprise security experts and develop an email newsletter that not only surfaces important developments that have happened during the week and top that off with some bite-sized analysis about what these updates might mean for the enterprise, especially if some action should be taken to counter it.

So that’s what we did, and we’re excited to launch what we call The Countermeasure. It drops every Saturday morning, a time we hope will be a bit quieter for our readers, and to cut through some of the noise of the week.

We also created a Countermeasure Ambassador Program to reward readers for sending new subscribers who they feel would also enjoy the newsletter. We’ve designed some pretty cool rewards for this program, including stickers, notebooks, tees and hoodies you won’t be embarrassed to wear:)

Here’s an idea of the kind of rewards that await our Ambassadors:

Thanks for subscribing and helping spread the word!

~ The Team at ActualTech Media

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